Selected with visitors in mind.

1. PRINCE ALBERT: Hampton Rd. near The Green. Fuller's beers. Victorian (1847) pub with a friendly atmosphere, originally called The Star Brewry. Garden at rear. Lunch time and evening meals. Under the stewardship of the Wiffen tenants in the 1970's the Prince Albert maintained its beer dispense hand pumps when other pubs around were losing theirs.

2. PRINCE BLUTCHER: Near a corner of Twickenham Green where cricket is often played. Fuller's beers. 1815 building and the first to be opened on land enclosed from Hounslow Heath. Food all day. Garden suitable for children.

3. POPE'S GROTO: Cross Deep. Young's beers. Roomy bar now part of an hotel. At one time was called the Grotto Tavern. Original pub on the site in 1853 was destroyed by a bomb in 1944. Meals lunch time and evenings.

4.THE GEORGE: King St. Coaching inn. First recorded in 1737 and at one time known as the George and Dragon. The old court yard is now a patio. First floor panelling has a preservation order. Unfortunately "modernisation" has not been in keeping with its coaching inn status.

5.THE WILLIAM WEBB ELLIS: London Rd. between the town centre and the railway station. A Wetherspoon free house, originaly the local post office. Cheapest food & beer in the district. Often serves beer from the local Crane Brewery. Food served all day. Roomy, modern setting.

6.THE FOX: Church St. Free house and oldest pub in Twickenham. Called The Bell in 1670; became The Fox in 1737. Often serves beer from the local Crane Brewery. The building is probably Queen Anne period.

7.THE EEL PIE: Church St. Roomy free house with a good range of beers and recommended food. Lunches daily; light evening meals. The shops in church Street are also worth visiting.

8.THE WHITE SWAN: River Side. Follow the road along side the Thames down stream. Free house. Records for the building date back to 1722. Pre 1810 was called The Swan. In a picturesque setting along side the Thames. Seating also available outside adjacent to the river. Meals with prices a little above average.

Pubs 1, 2, 3 & 8 are 10 minutes walk from Twickenham centre and are listed as if travelling from west to east.

Free maps of Twickenham are available from Information at the Civic Centre in York Street.

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