genealogy Imperial Measurements

A list of definitions for measuring quantities and distance in pre-metric units. Some of these are still in use today and have a long history, the mile, for instance, dates back to Roman times when it was defined as 1000 paces. The definitions given are those used in Great Britain - some quantities vary in North America and Ireland. For example in the USA a pint is defined as 16 fluid ounces whereas in the UK it is 20 fluid ounces and an Irish mile is 2240 yards not 1760. Note that different occupations tended to define measures having the same names in different ways.

uk flags Flags of the british isles

The national flags currently used in the UK and associated islands plus a little bit of their history.

pluralisation Pluralisation

An assemblage of nouns - ever wondered what expressions are used? Your answer may be here where some official and some unofficial plurals are listed.

humour Humour

Jokes and humour harvested from around the world. If you have a contribution you would like to make to this page let me know - see below.

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