The following sister publications are suitable for students requiring an understanding of electrical circuits and the interconnection of electronic equipment to assist with their studies in the Life as well as the Physical Sciences. They are in pdf format and will be automatically opened by an Adobe Acrobat Reader on your PC, just click on the apropriate button at the bottom of this page.

image Electricity and Basic Electrical Circuits. Notes and diagrams explaining the characteristics of electricity, basic electrical circuits and the primary components of resistance, inductance and capacitance. Measurement techniques and the relationships between voltage, current, power and energy are explained.

image Making Connections. Background help with making electronic / electrical connections for those students and graduates, particularly those in the Life Sciences, who have to work with electronic equipment but are meeting unfamiliar problems while doing so. Pin-out designations for standard connecting leads are also given.

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For further reading consult Electronics for Scientists - ISBN 0-13-249079-X.

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